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5 Sure Shot signs that show that you need to take up a repair asphalt driveway Project on your property

Asphalt is a material used to level platforms before building roads, driveways, etc. After cleaning the surface for large stones, asphalt is applied to level the surface. Later, finishing touch is given to the driveways. However, these asphalt layers, after many years could wear down and might need repair. Here are 5 signs that need to take up a repair asphalt driveway project on your property.

#1 Alligator Cracks

These are shallow cracks on the pavement of the driveway which often resemble the scales on the skin of an alligator. They usually require a full depth reclamation of asphalt in that area.

#2 Uneven surface

The surface of your pathway should be even. In case it is not, the pavement might have slightly collapsed. This may be due to insufficient levelling of the base and heavy use of vehicles.

In many minor cases, that particular area could be levelled up. If the damage is more severe, both asphalt and base have to be repaired.

#3 Drainage Issues

If you notice puddles, cracks or any such damage in the pathway during the rains, you may want to take up a repair asphalt driveway project as soon as possible. Such damages can cause water seepage into the lower layers of the pavement and affect the binding agents. This may lead to further cracks, potholes, and related damages.

#4 Crumbling edges

If you notice that there are deteriorating edges, that might need immediate attention. If your driveway or parking lot is not protected on the edge with concrete curbs, it may break apart and leave debris. They usually need removal and replacement.

#5 Undermining

This happens when an underground sewage pipe or water supply pipe has cracked or slipped its joint. The pipe might allow soil above it which might also allow the soil to seep into the pipes. This can be treated by undermining the asphalt surface above the pipe.

These are a few signs indicating that your driveway needs immediate repair asphalt driveway attention. Failing to give this would result in serious damages which might require complete replacement of the platform causing more expenditure. So, is your driveway has any of these signs, it is probably better to get it repaired immediately so that you do not burn a huge hole in your pocket.