How To Become a Social Worker?

Well, if you are a person interested in doing some amount of social work then the first step from a licensing point of view is to obtain a degree accredited by Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). But the actual fact on how to be a social worker is to make yourself ready for the competition you are likely to face during the admission process. You may require a large number of references to recommend you. These people should know you for at least six months. Now before going ahead, let us take a look at some of the best schools offering degrees on social work. It will help you understand how to become a social worker.

Get an online social work degree from USC Dworak-Peck School of Social Work:

This is a CSWE accredited degree which you can obtain online. The course features online classes, live online classes and hands-on field experiences near your community. You do not require a GRE score to apply and the completion of the degree requires less than 2 years.

Get a social work degree online from Modern School of Social Service:

This is another CSWE accredited course which you can pursue online. The degree is designed for working adults who may or may not have a social work degree earlier in their careers. This is one of the best schools if you are looking to get a social work degree online.

Volunteering your way through the ranks:

When it comes to social work degrees then volunteer work is more than enough to show your commitment towards social work. Looking for some social work in your location should not be a difficult thing to do as there are many such opportunities available everywhere in this world. Many states in the United States of America have an online portal for volunteers. You can always register on this portal and tell the authorities that you are available for some social work. When work arises, then the authorities will assign some work to you depending on your location and availability at that point in time.  If you are a college student then you might want to get yourself enrolled in the social work community in your college. Each college has its own social work club which will give you an opportunity to show your skills for the society.

Entering at the bachelor’s level or master’s level:

Well, if you have an appetite for social work then it doesn’t matter if you enter the field in the bachelor’s level or the master’s level. All you need to do is ensure that your appetite has come to the notice of people around you. An adult who is currently working can directly opt for a master’s degree in social work even if his bachelor’s degree was not on the same topic. There is also the option of doing a master’s in social work in addition to doing a master’s degree in some other field of specialisation. But having said that, if you do not have a bachelor’s degree on social work then you cannot skip some of the courses during your master’s program.