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Main characteristics of quilting sewing machines

Sewing machines for quilting 2018 is even the most basic sewing machines should be able to handle a variety of fabrics. From satin to denim and corduroy, they should be able to sew the fabric without stretching or boring it. You should also be able to handle fabrics of different textures without producing loose and poorly made stitches. A good working light is essential, of course, and there are a number of features to consider. The sewing machines for quilting 2018 have;

Automatic buttonholes

It allows you to sew a buttonhole in a single step, without having to stop and turn the piece or manipulate a dial. Some machines allow you to insert the button into the slot so that the machine sews an exactly customized buttonhole.

Tooth adjustment lever

Some sewing machines allow you to manipulate the adjustable tooth mechanism under the sewing surface. So, they let you embroider or darn on your own, without a predetermined pattern.

Good controls and ergonomics

The sewing machine should respond to the pressure you exert on the pedal. That is, you should not stand up or growl when things are thick or multi-layered fabrics. The controls should be easy to reach and manipulate, and the symbols on the machine or LED screen should be easy to read. The machines that have more space on the right give you more space for fabrics and your hands.


In case you store your sewing machine in a closet and have to take it out every time you do things, you should look for a machine that is easy to lift and handle. A model with a handle on the top will be easier to move.

Positioning of the needle

This feature allows you to move the needle and seam line from left to right. In the same way, you will be able to choose the position of the needle, up or down. Having the needle lowered makes it easier to lift the foot and make a right angle with the fabric without a jump stitch.


Stretch the thread through the eye of the needle. It makes your job easier when it comes to threading the thread, it saves you time and prevents frustration. The sewing machines for quilting 2018 is specially recommended for those with sight problems.

Presser’s foot

Find out how many presser feet come with your new sewing machine. For basic stitching, a multi-purpose foot allows you to sew straight or zigzag stitches. Anyway, you’ll want a presser foot for zippers and eyelets. An adjustable foot regulates how strong the machine steps on the fabric and holds it while you sew. This prevents the needle from piercing the fabric or stretching it. There is hundreds of specialized footwear to choose from.

The turn on and turn off button

It is a security mechanism in case you have children around. If the machine does not have a shut-off button, you can plug it into a security tape with the main switch.

Speed control

It will determine the speed of the fabric when it is passed through the machine. That will allow you to sew calmly, at the step you want, without having to stop and start over.