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What is fulvic acid?

In some rare places around the world, humic deposits are found in the ground. These deposits are remains of antiquity in which the soil was rich in nutrients and the vegetation was abundant and exuberant. The deposits found today have never been able to convert into coal or oil, and can really be quite rare. Deposits possess valuable in themselves, in particular, the miracle molecule known as fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is an extraordinary substance that can help prevent or correct a series of common health problems. It is also very useful to improve the absorption of nutrients and help in the detoxification of cells. Do you want to know what is what is fulvic acid?

What are the health benefits of taking fulvic?

As a nutritional supplement, fulvic acid is consumed in liquid form and is part of a group of mineral colloids. The consumption of this natural electrolyte can help with the production of enzymes. It is assisted with hormonal structures and, in addition, it is essential to optimize the use of the vitamin. Fulvic acid also plays a key role in the performance of certain metabolic processes; it can correct cellular imbalances and was pointed out as one of the most powerful natural antioxidants and anti-free radicals existing up to this point. Another characteristic feature of this electrolyte is its low molecular weight.

This makes the vitamins and minerals they carry simple and their size does not limit their ability to transport large quantities. This electrolyte is capable of transporting more than 60 times its weight of vitamins and minerals and has also been shown to increase the absorption of these nutrients. Other benefits of fulvic acid intake include higher levels or energy metabolism and a more active, healthier skin and nails, better levels of concentration and attention and a strong immune system.

What is fulvic acid?

In nature, fulvic acid is bound with trace minerals. Fulvician minerals contain many amino acids, enzymes, natural antibiotics, natural antiviral nutrients, supercharged antioxidants and more. This rare organic electrolyte is formulated by millions of microbes. It is naturally formed in plants and soil where there is a sufficient level of oxygen. When this rare acid is taken as a nutritional supplement, it offers numerous health benefits.

Many so-called Fulvic powders are just dirt mixed with some fillers including fulvic acid. Many of these products are not only ineffective but are quite dangerous as well. They contain considerable amounts of heavy metals such as Lead and Mercury that can be potentially harmful when ingested on a regular basis. The most genuine form of Fulvic comes in the form of a resin. It is very dark brown in color and amount of ashless humic acids ranges from 4-10%, and must be verified by numerous tests, which only a few companies on the market are capable of properly doing. The naturally ashless humic acids are responsible for the health benefits of Fulvic. It cannot be supplemented with cheap versions of fulvic acids if you want the true health benefits.

Hence, it is very crucial to choose the right form and quality of Fulvic if you want to see the benefits from its consumption.

How to identify fake Fulvic?

Even though it takes a serious and qualified lab to identify high-quality mineral pitch resin for human consumption (Fulvic, Mumie, Salajeet). Thre are some tests that you can conduct at your home, to test whether the Fulvic is genuine or fake:

  • The best form of Fulvic is the resin form. If you hold the resin between the palms, it will soften due to the warmth. However, if you store it in a freezer, it will harden substantially.
  • Genuine Fulvic dissolves almost completely in warm water and generates a dark golden to the reddish black solution.
  • True Fulvic resin will not burn if ignited with a flame. It will bubble instead. At the high level of purity, it will not smoke much or will barely smoke the white smoke, when highly contaminated resins smoke with darker black smoke. Some imitation Fulvic resins are made with contaminants that will burn with a sooty flame when ignited.

Where to buy Fulvic?

There are some fake Fulvic supplements out there. They are available in various forms including powders, tinctures, and unfortunately even resins. Never buy any powdered, capsuled or tinctured form of Fulvic. Almost all these products in these forms are fake, substantially chemically altered or spiked with artificial fulvic acid. They may contain traces of the original material if any and thus are worthless. The only trustworthy form of Fulvic is the resin form from a highly reputable supplier. However, many counterfeits of this form are in the market. It is very important to buy it from a very transparent and trusted and verified source. Many manufacturers claiming to be authentic are in reality just knock the original resin.

The absolute best quality of Fulvic resin can be purchased from Pürblack. The Live Resin from is 100% authentic and unadulterated. Fulvic is sold as a solid live resin and not in its powdered form. Perform an extensive quality control analyzes and makes it available for the customers to verify. We never spike our Live Resin Fulvic additives such as fulvic acid. The content of fulvic acid in the Pürblack live resin is always above 4%. Our resin due to the patent-pending manufacturing method outperforms any highest quality fulvic or mumie that is authentic.

Final Thoughts of what is fulvic acid?

Fulvic is indeed a wonderful mineral that can boost your health. However, it is very important that you exercise caution while purchasing it online. There are so many fake products available that finding the genuine one can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Live resin is one of the very few authentic Fulvic resins that are available with a full disclosure and certificate of analysis. Buying form a transparent and authentic company such as optimally organic will ensure that you are getting the genuine product that is safe and effective. We hope you have understood what is fulvic acid?