Try Online Movies For Ease And Comfort

There was a time when the monthly data consumption in our country was 1.8 GB per person. This was in 2017. Currently, it is 4 GB per person. Usage of Wi-Fi and mobile data together average to give 8.8 GB. There are about 1.6 billion connected devices in the country, out of which almost 150 million are smart TVs. By December 2018, the world had almost 4.1 billion internet users.

These stats give us an insight into how much people believe in online entertainment, be it at home or away. One such means of entertainment is online movies. Gone are the days when people would read books on their everyday commute because now people watch the movie based on the book online. For people living away from home, in hostels, watching constitute a large part of their day dedicated to entertainment; this could be due to lack of other means of entertainment or because no additional expenses are involved, apart from low data costs plans.

The era of Online Movies

  • A plethora of content is available online, and people do not hesitate to dig it up. There are just a few movies left that are appealing enough to pull a crowd to the theatres-rest are watched online. Any movie, from any era, can be streamed free of cost (which may be pirated at times) from the convenience of home, and unquestionably, classes, workplace, and the throne.
  • Online movies have the power to save you from boredom, allowing you to organize your movie marathon as per your convenience, with as many people as you want. No movie cannot be watched just because of its unavailability in the theatres near or far.
  • No need to buy or rent DVDs of the latest movies, no need for a DVD player, no need to buy tickets, all you need is a 4G data plan or a Wi-Fi and a screen, and voila watch any movie that you want. The Internet has not only made a collection of information easier, but also, the entertainment is at the tips of your fingers.

In the past few years, 123movies.domain, along with shows, has become our primary mode of entertainment. While shows and movies with novel concepts continue to be on the rise, classic and timeless movies have not gotten lost with time. The magic of the internet can bring together several generations through movies. Online movies have become everybody’s favourite companion on journeys that would get monotonous and pensive. We may also say that online movies have made our lives easier and probably, more bearable.