Tips to know the application use

Television was once upon considered as the biggest invention in the media industry. Before television could be introduced radio was the baby of invention and spoken high, because during those times getting information about the world was very difficult and radio could meet all those needs. Once television got introduced radio became outdated because more than audio, visual treat was great and helpful. People could see everything and understand the real impact of any incident happening across the world. Let us discuss in this article further about this revolution in brief.

Day old practice deteriorates

Once television became the part and parcel of a life, people started coming out with many innovations and computer was the next on line. There were times where the whole family used to go to the theater and watch movies. Once the personal computer and laptop started ruling the minds of people, visiting theatre got reduced and people started watching everything in the laptop. The CD revolution and DVD technology ruled out the theater going option and made it more convenient for the people who would like to be at home and watch films. The technology has not stopped there but came out which many more options which made people comfortable at the same time lazy as well. Once the laptop and personal computer became the important gadgets of human life internet technology created a great revolution and people found it very useful in their day to day life. Anything and everything we depend on internet.

Get the whole world

Radio has gone television became out of fashion, laptop is official uses and personally mobile became close to the hearts. They will be ready to sacrifice anything but not the mobile. Mobile technology has replaced the personal computer, because it is very handy and convenient. People need not go to theatre to watch movies or in laptop. Anything and everything in one application called youtube the whole world has come home. It is a powerful application because a day begins with mobile and ends with mobile. Everything you can get in this application, if you are sick you google search and if you want to know the clear procedures or protocols you immediately use this application and get the whole process in video formats. Of course this is very helpful but look back the times where we had get together in sit outs and discuss the whole world.