Beware of some fraudulent detective agencies

The venus detective is one of the fals and the worst cheating detective agency. It’s like it they will give you more than 100 percent guarantee but once you pay the money it’s not possible to talk with them. Both the key pillars of the agency ie. husband and the wife are fraud. In such instance a person has a work by gaining some information about the relative and approached the venus detective for the help. The way marketing girl behaved was very polite. Later when the client paid the advance they the whole team was liers, unprofessional, they doesn’t pay attention to anyone or does not understand the case properly,  without that they they said the case will be solved 2-3 days and they even did it in the same way. After doing the protest they asked me to wait for 2-3 week, after waiting there was no response from them. When a person asks for the report they just simply click the photo without even the subject they just gave their own story. Through those reports one can clearly make sure that they have not worked at all.  Most of the people list their money. The director of the agency was so irresponsible where the person didn’t even attend the call.

The reasons

They doesn’t pay attention to the client, they just keep on talking without listening to the client. The next issue with them is if any of the client come with an issue  they always say that they are busy with the other client. The most important thing is they always submit the fake reports rather than investigating the cases though it is a small case.

They always lack the understanding about the problem of the client where they uses the situation of the client for making money. They doesn’t ask for any of the documents and other needs. So a person has to think and the amount of information passes between the client and the agency team.

The leader of the agency doesn’t have any kind of professionalism, they just bother on how to make money, or get the money from their client and they will give the false promises. The entire team which is from top to bottom doesn’t move an inch without the instruction or the director of the agency. They does it for each and every small thing, and the director also pretend to be too much busy for responding them.