Photographic Session of Newly Born

To make a session of newborn babies we always take into account creativity and patience, we must respect the time of the baby, so we recommend you to do the photo session in your home habitat. Make your session with us we will adjust the prices for you! The newborn sessions are done in the first 10 days of the baby’s life and last between 2 and 4 hours. They are done these days as it is when the baby sleeps more hours and more deeply, which makes it easier to perform the poses. The photograph of the newborn takes place in the studio we have mounted our home where we have everything that your baby is comfortable during the session.

As for the reservation of the session with Houston Newborn Photographer, it is advisable to do it as soon as possible since we are not booking a specific day, but ensuring availability in a variable period of time that depends on when our baby wants to come and meet us. It is also advisable to notify when you give birth to close the date as soon as possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to read our “frequently asked questions” section or contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

Photographers for portraits of newborn babies:

Houston Newborn Photographer know that the first and most frequent error is to use the flash with babies has two important drawbacks, it can be harmful to them and also scares them, and a scared baby will not be a good model. Do not approach the flash too much and even less focus it directly on your eyes. When the baby is born, the parents are eager to present it to society and seek a session at the slightest opportunity. This is not recommended since the baby will be swollen, very wrinkled and probably also very red or purple. Wait until your skin takes its natural color and lower the swelling to make your first “official” portrait, in the future, you will appreciate it.

On the other hand, take the time you need to make your photo session with your baby, if you do it hastily everything will go wrong, you will be nervous and the baby will end up noticing your mood. Our Photographers for Portraits of Newborn Babies know that Baby Photography is an exciting and attractive subject. There’s no doubt. You have seen hundreds of pictures of babies that have touched you or a smile and I am sure that you have had one of your photos taken or photographed. There are many pages or articles in magazines that give us advice to get a better picture of the baby; even so, the same mistakes happen repeatedly. And what does a good photographer do with mistakes? Learn from them, always. So, the verdict is to get to the Houston Newborn Photographer, and see what magic we offer!